Bonus Episode: Top Mental Health Tools with Himalaya

Hello, all! Bringing you a little bonus episode today. I recently teamed up with Himalaya to create a full audio course all about top mental health tools that you can use to improve your life. Check out and use promo code DUFF for your first 14 days free!

Whether you want to improve your emotional intelligence, your critical thinking skills, or you just want to level up in your career, Himalaya Learning offers the best audio educational experience, designed to inspire your ambition and build your skills on the go.

Award-winning podcaster Tim Ferriss, marketing guru Seth Godin,the New York Times bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, Tesla CEO and entrepreneur Elon Musk, and “Divorce Court” judge Lynn Toler, are just a few among the 150+ world-class instructors ranging from Ivy League professors to Nobel Prize winners featured on the platform, in partnership with Big Think and other thought leaders.

With an extensive library of audio courses designed to fuel your personal and professional growth, Himalaya Learning unlocks the world’s greatest minds and brings their priceless wisdom and insights straight to your ears.

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