Episode 133: Spooky Mental Health Treatments From History

I did an episode last year around Halloween time about spooky social psychology experiments and what they say about humanity. I figured I’d keep the trend going and do an episode all about creepy treatments from the origin of psychological health care. Before listening any further, just know that some of these are cruel and gross. We’ve come a long way since the different treatments that I will talk about, but they are important in that they are the predecessors to the treatments that we have now. In some cases they were mean and cruel. In others they were well intentioned, but limited by the lack of knowledge that we have today. Either way, if you are sensitive to topics like this, feel free to skip this one.

Next week should be a more standard episode, so if you have a question or topic for me, send it to duffthepsych@gmail.com and the full show notes for this episode are available at duffthepsych.com/episode133.

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