Episode 138: Jamie Shares Her Personal Experience with Ketamine Treatments

This is part 2/2 for my series of interviews about Ketamine treatments. In this episode, I interview Jamie AKA “The Gloomy Optimist” about her personal experiences with the treatments that she says saved her life. We go deep into her life-long struggles with anxiety and depression. Jamie is someone who has put in the work. She has tried numerous medications and therapy, but nothing seemed to stick until Ketamine. She describes going into the first infusion suicidal and coming out with hope for the future. Powerful stuff. 

Please say hi to Jamie…

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegloomyoptimist/

At her website: http://thegloomyoptimist.com


And as always, you can find the full show notes for this episode at http://duffthepsych.com/episode138

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