Episode 149: First Panic Attack, Confronting Family Abuser, Repairing vs Calling Off an Engagement

This week’s episode is a question and answer session. I cover three awesome questions that cover a variety of important topics. As always I’m impressed by the bravery in posing these difficult questions and I hope that I do a good job of being sensitive AND realistic in my responses. Here are the questions:

  • How can I manage my anxiety after I had my first panic attack?
  • How can I deal with my abuser, who is also my father, when he wants to stay at my home?
  • Should I continue pushing or call of my problematic engagement?

As always, I would greatly appreciate a share or review of the podcast and if you have questions or topics that you’d like me to cover on the show, please send them to duffthepsych@gmail.com.

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