Episode 152: Managing Toxic Family with Dr. Sherrie Campbell

Today’s episode is an interview that I did with Dr. Sherrie Campbell. Her specialty is helping people recognize toxic family members and work to productively cut ties with them and thrive in the aftermath. We get into some really interesting content including how to recognize when a family member is toxic and Dr. Campbell’s deeply personal experiences that have driven her work.   I wanted to let you guys know that in addition to the audio, we also have full blog posts and show notes for each episode on my website. For instance, the episode last week about productivity tips is a full-fledged blog post in itself that you could easily read through if you forget some of the tips. This is something that I’ve been happy to hire an assistant to help out with. So make sure you stop by duffthepsych.com/episode152 to see the full notes for this episode.   As always, send me your questions and topics to duffthepsych@gmail.com and don’t forget to review for a chance to win free access to my online course!

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