Episode 175: LGBTQ Health Disparities with Dr. Perry Halkitis

This was a fantastic interview with public health psychologist, Dr. Perry Halkitis. We talk about disparities in health and mental health treatment for LGBTQ individuals and how they have changed over the years. He also shares some information about his own unique personal and career path.

Unfortunately, my side of the audio is a little blown out, but Dr. Halkitis sounds great and I think that his message was too good to not share with you all. I think it’s well worth a listen. 

Full episode show notes are available at http://duffthepsych.com/episode175

Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by MycoMeditations Psilocybin-Assisted Retreats. They provide legal 7-day retreats in Jamaica that use the psychedelic psilocybin compound to help you work through significant mental health issues. For more information about MycoMeditations, check out their website or listen to episode 171 of the podcast where I interview their founder. 

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