Episode 183: Life Coaches, My History, and Future Directions of Psychology with Mxiety

Hello! I am back from vacation and wishing I never left! In all seriousness, I had a great time. But now I’m back with another great episode for you.

This episode is a recording of a live stream that I did on Mxiety’s Mixer stream. She interviewed me and we cover a lot of ground. Included in the topics we discuss are:

  • The origin of my professional style
  • Why I think a lot of mental health content is inherently unempathetic
  • Resisting the lies anxiety tells you
  • How I feel about life coaches
  • The “end goal” of CBT treatment
  • Interesting future directions in the field

Mxiety is part of an amazing group of streamers that talk openly about mental health. Please go and support her at the following links:

Her Mixer page.

Her Twitter.

Her website.

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