Episode 189: Leaning Into Depression with My Wife, Joelle Duff

This episode is an interview with my wife, Joelle Duff. This is technically the first episode of our new Patreon exclusive Duff Family Podcast, which from here on will only be made available to patrons. That doesn’t mean that she will never be on HCSH again, but if you want episodes each month, you’ll need to head over the check out the Patreon. 

In this episode, we sit down on the couch together on New Years Eve 2019 to talk about this past year. This has been a rough one for us, and particularly for Joelle. She has had a severe bout of depression this year that really made things difficult for her. Instead of fighting it, she decided to try something different and lean into what her body was telling her. That meant more rest, alone time, etc. It also meant that she was able to recover enough energy to do some amazing stuff like get a dream job and continue being a fantastic mother, wife, and creative partner.

Thank you so much for spending the end of this decade with us. I’m bringing the fire into 2020, so be ready.

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