Episode 203: COVID Q&A – Abuse in Isolation, Missing Touch, Dreading Going Back to Normal

In this episode, we are continuing the trend of focusing on content related to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. However, this week, we are getting back to the normal Q&A format. Here are the questions that are covered:

  • What do I do about being stuck with my abusive mother during quarantine?
  • I’m enjoying quarantine. What can I do about my dread of going back to normal?
  • How can I deal with missing physical touch during quarantine?

As always you can send me questions for the show to duffthepsych@gmail.com.

This episode is sponsored by Lionrock Recovery. Check out lionrockrecovery.com/duff for more info about their confidential online treatment programs for substance use.

Don’t forget the Kick Anxiety’s Ass course will remain open until the end of quarantine before I close new enrollments.

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