Episode 233: Rapid Fire Part 2 – Pandemic Alcoholism, All or Nothing Thinking, Bad Pharmacies, and More

Hello, friends! Today I am doing a continuation of the last episode. I’m not at the part today, but I am at home cracking away at the Facebook questions in rapid fire fashion. Hope you enjoy! Here are the questions that I answer:

  • How do I find a middle ground between 100% positive and 100% negative?
  • What’s the plan for getting back to normal alcohol consumption after higher use during the pandemic?
  • How do you get professional help when you’re too depressed to ask for help?
  • What should I do about inappropriate pharmacy staff?

As always you can send me your questions to duffthepsych@gmail.com and be sure to check out the online course if you haven’t at kickanxietycourse.com


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