Episode 235: My Wife Gets Real about Psychiatry Frustrations

I have to be honest with you all that this is not the most inspiring episode of the podcast. There is a lot of venting of frustration and fears. We also talk about suicidality, so please be aware of that. It’s always important to me that we are REAL on this show. It would be unfair of me to give you the impression that the mental health system is perfect. As someone who works in the field and as a family that has been in the thick of navigating it, we definitely have some frustrations.

In this episode, we talk about operating with the current state of the world, Joelle’s recent voluntary psychiatric hospitalization, and how we have had to try something like 6 or 7 times to find a psychiatrist to help with Joelle’s meds. Despite the frustrations discussed, there are some good takeaways. Joelle is currently much more stable. She is no longer in her deep depressive episode and is no longer suicidal. We are currently finding a balance in our life that is working really well.

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