Episode 389: Am I Bugging My Therapist? & Abusive Ex Using Kids Against Me!

Hello, friends! In today’s episode of the podcast, we dive deep into two incredibly relatable listener questions that touch on emotional and psychological challenges many of us might face.

Our first discussion revolves around the complex emotions of worrying about one’s therapist. One listener shares their concern about being a burden by repeatedly discussing the same issues, particularly body dysmorphia, fearing it might negatively impact their therapist. We unravel this common fear, emphasizing the nature of therapy and the professional capacity of therapists to manage their own feelings and support their clients effectively.

In our second exploration, we address the heart-wrenching situation of a listener navigating the aftermath of an abusive marriage, particularly the impact on their children. This listener’s struggle with their ex-partner’s manipulation and its effect on their relationship with their children brings to light the challenges of co-parenting and protecting one’s mental and emotional well-being during such turbulent times. We offer insights into seeking support, understanding the dynamics at play, and strategies for maintaining a healthy relationship with one’s children amidst external pressures.

As always, your thoughts and questions are invaluable to us. Reach out via duffthepsych@gmail.com or explore more resources at http://duffthepsych.com/episode389. Your journey is important, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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