Episode 48: Overcoming Sexual Assault, Trouble Sleeping With Other People, What’s It Like Having A Mentally Ill Spouse

Hello, friends!

GASP! I forgot to record a podcast. I mean… I remembered, but I didn’t remember in time for my usual midnight upload time. Oh well. You probably don’t care.

HEY! I would love to hear your personal mental health success stories big and small. Please send them over to me in the next couple weeks for episode 50!

Here are this week’s questions:

  • How can I “get over” a sexual assault that happened a couple months ago?
  • Why do I have a hard time sleeping with other people in the room?
  • What is it like having a spouse with a mental illness? 

As always you can send me your questions (and success stories) to duffthepsych@gmail.com or on twitter at http://twitter.com/duffthepsych


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