Episode 63: Electroshock, Low Grade Depression, Terminal Illness

Hello, my friends! Another awesome Q & A for you this week. Couple links that I mentioned in the show. Here’s the cognitive rampage podcast: http://adamlowery.com/podcasts/ and here is that episode about TMS therapy that I mentioned: http://psychsessions.com/2017/01/01/ps-039-treating-depression-with-transcranial-magnetic-stimulation-tms/

Anyways, here are the questions I cover:

  • What is electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and is this something I should look into for depression?
  • Should I get treatment when my depression isn’t so bad that I have a formal diagnosis?
  • What can I do to make my severe cancer diagnosis and treatment more bearable? 

As always you can find my on social @duffthepsych and you can send me your questions to duffthepsych@gmail.com

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