Episode 258: Rapid Fire Q&A Part 2 – Coping with Emotional Content, Relationship Expectations, and more!

Hello, friends! Back with part 2 of the rapid fire Q&A. There were so many awesome questions on my original post that I couldn’t stop with one episode. Here are the questions I cover:

  • Hi Duff, you’ve touched on this before but… have you ever come across anyone stuck thinking they have reached their maximum potential in life/not sure where to go from their current spot in life, and is there anything you could offer from a physiological perspective to overcome this? Currently feeling like I will be forever stuck in this moment and moving forward seems nearly impossible. (Sorry in advance if the question doesn’t make sense)
  • How does one get over the expectation of being in a relationship? Like you grow up watching relationships and relationships but like…what if it doesn’t happen? Should it happen? Also…how can one finally let go of what their parents didn’t do while one was growing up… 
  • How can you learn to accept compliments and not be awkward?

I also talk a bit about my own strategies for combatting the darkness that can come with working in a heavily emotional field.

As always, you can send me your questions to duffthepsych@gmail.com.


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