Episode 359: Wife Obsessed with Phone & Does Ketamine Rewire Your Brain?

Hello, friends! I hope life is treating you well.

In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into two more insightful listener questions:

Our first question comes from a listener who’s struggling with their spouse’s constant engagement with their phone. The impact is such that it seems to supersede any conversation or interaction they might have. They even go so far as to joke that they might be better off texting their spouse, despite being in the same room. We’ll delve into this challenge, discussing potential strategies for addressing screen-time issues within relationships, communication tactics, and steps to reclaim mutual attention and presence.

Our second question is from a listener navigating the complexities of depression and anxiety treatment. They’ve been considering ketamine therapy and have concerns about its application, specifically the difference between IV and oral administration, potential lasting effects, and the overall experience. They’re particularly interested in hearing about personal experiences with ketamine therapy, including potential side effects and long-term benefits. We’ll unravel the science behind ketamine treatment for depression and anxiety, exploring the potential pros and cons, the lasting effects, and the considerations one should have in mind when deciding on this treatment approach.

As always, I appreciate your questions and engagement with the show. You can send your questions to duffthepsych@gmail.com and find the show notes for this episode at http://duffthepsych.com/episode359.



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