Episode 360: How to Survive Starting Fresh & Resources for an Overloaded Parent

Hello, friends! I hope you’re staying safe from the heat and generally taking good care of yourselves. Today, I have two awesome listener questions.

The first comes from someone that left her job as a teacher because she was burned out. However, now she finds herself in a difficult situation without insurance or a longterm steady income. I provide advice regarding resources for inexpensive and free therapy. I also talk about different resources available to someone in a situation like this and explain how Maslow’s heirarchy of needs explains why the person should focus on basic needs before trying to answer big questions about their life and sexuality.

The second question is from a mother with two autistic children and a mother with dementia. She is looking for advice about how to take care of herself without abandoning her family. I provide a variety of ideas for resources that would allow her to have more help and freedom.

As always, you can send me questions to duffthepsych@gmail.com and find the show notes for this episode at http://duffthepsych.com/episode360

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