401: Adult Star Turned Therapist Jennie Ketcham Crooks on Digital Overconsumption and Reconnecting to Life

In this episdoe, I sit down with Jennie Ketcham-Crooks, a licensed therapist, anxiety specialist, and author of the upcoming book “Look Up: The 30-Day Path to Digital Minimalism and Real Life Maximalism.”

Jennie shares her compelling journey from an adult film performer to a transformative therapist, opening up about the pivotal moments that shaped her path. They delve deep into the challenges of reducing digital overconsumption, discussing practical, evidence-based strategies from Jennie’s book that can help you realign your life with your values and build meaningful real-world connections.

Discover how to take on a 30-day challenge designed to shift your smartphone use from unintentional to intentional, making every minute count towards your personal fulfillment. Robert and Jennie also explore the importance of maintaining human connections in the digital age, the potential impacts of overusing smartphones, and how to cultivate a balanced, intentional relationship with technology. Don’t miss Jennie’s unique insights on parenting, mental health, and the value of vulnerability and intimacy. Tune in for an episode packed with valuable advice, heartfelt stories, and actionable tips to help you navigate the digital world mindfully. Whether you’re looking to cut down on screen time, connect more deeply with those around you, or simply hear an inspiring story of transformation, this interview has something for you.

Be sure to check out Jennie on intagram and at her website to stay tuned for updates on her new book!

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