402: Actress Jenn Harris on Intimacy and Aging into Confidence

Guest: Jenn Harris, Award-Winning Director, Writer, Actor, and Producer

Host: Dr. Robert Duff

Episode Description: In this episode, Dr. Robert Duff welcomes the incredibly talented Jenn Harris to the show. Jenn Harris is an award-winning director, writer, actor, and producer known for her diverse and impactful work in film and theater. Jenn discusses her latest short film, “She’s Clean,” which delves into the nuances of intimacy and sexual autonomy in middle age. The conversation explores Jenn’s creative journey, the inspiration behind her work, and her thoughts on intimacy, confidence, and aging.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Introduction to Jenn Harris: An overview of Jenn’s career and achievements, including her work in the Oscar-winning film “American Fiction” and her latest short film “She’s Clean.”
  • Jenn’s Creative Journey: How Jenn transitioned from wanting to be a doctor to finding her passion in the entertainment industry, and her experiences in theater and film.
  • The Concept of “She’s Clean”: Jenn explains the inspiration behind her short film and its unique setting in a bathroom, exploring themes of intimacy and sexual freedom.
  • Intimacy and Confidence: A deep dive into how Jenn views intimacy in various relationships, the role of confidence in her work and personal life, and how she has aged into confidence over the years.
  • Filmmaking Challenges: Jenn shares the visual and technical challenges she faced while making “She’s Clean” and how she approached these creatively.
  • The Role of Intimacy Coordinators: Jenn discusses the importance of having intimacy coordinators on set and how they help create a safe and comfortable environment for actors.
  • Personal Insights:

Jenn reflects on her own experiences with intimacy, relationships, and personal growth, sharing anecdotes and lessons learned along the way.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jenn’s perspective on the comedic and serious elements of intimacy in filmmaking.
  • The significance of choosing a bathroom as the primary setting for “She’s Clean.”
  • Insights into Jenn’s collaborative process with her team, including the role of her editor and intimacy coordinator.
  • The impact of societal expectations on personal choices and relationships, particularly in the context of non-monogamy and traditional norms.
  • Jenn’s advice on navigating creative projects and maintaining authenticity in one’s work.


  • “Intimacy is something that’s always been comfortable for me, and I think it’s a huge part of human behavior that we should observe and understand.”
  • “There isn’t room for doubt. It will not serve the day. It will not serve the script. It will not serve the scene.”
  • “It’s really nice when people don’t take advantage of my openness in a way.”

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