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Episode 367: Preventing Age Discrimination and Promoting Longevity

Hello, listeners! I hope you're taking care of yourselves and finding moments of joy. In today's episode, we deep...

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Episode 366: Explaining My Polyamorous Relationship & Supporting a Partner in Grief Over a Pet

Hello, everyone! I appreciate your attention and hope you are doing well. In our first segment, we dive into...

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Episode 365: Getting Autism Diagnosis as an Adult & Living with Partner’s PTSD

Hello, all! I hope that you are staying healthy and safe. In this episode, I cover two very interesting...

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Episode 364: PTSD with Psychosis & Body Dysmorphia Cured by Loss

Hello, friends! I hope you're treating yourselves well. In this episode, I dive into two compelling listener questions that...

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Episode 363: Treating a Phobia of Wasps & Adjusting to Moving in With a Partner

Hello, friends! I hope you are treating yourselves well. In this episode, we dive deep into two thought-provoking listener...

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Episode 362: PMDD Treatment & Dealing with Scary Ex

Hello, everyone! I hope you are doing super well. As always, I really appreciate your attention. A special thank...

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