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Episode 376: Absent Father Issues & Being a Young Manager

Hello friends! In today's insightful episode, we delve into two intriguing listener questions that touch upon deeply personal and...

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Episode 375: Anxiety About Nose Job & Privacy In Telehealth Therapy

Hello friends! In today’s insightful episode, we tackle two profound listener questions that delve into personal struggles and the...

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Episode 374: Persisting in a Broken World & Recognizing Narcissism in Yourself

Hello, friends! I hope you're all managing to keep your spirits up. In today’s thoughtful episode, we tackle two...

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Episode 373: Overcoming Overthinking

Hey everyone! Hope you're finding moments of peace amidst the chaos. Today's episode peels back the layers of anxiety...

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Episode 372: Finding Balance in College & Spending Addiction

Hello, friends! Hope you're all doing splendidly. Today's episode dives into the nuances of financial anxieties and the challenges...

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Episode 371: Is This Cheating?, Annoyed at Phones, & Meds Before Therapy

Hello, friends! I hope everyone is well. In today's insightful episode, we dive deep into two thought-provoking listener questions...

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