The Hardcore Self Help podcast is a weekly podcast that answers YOUR questions about mental health WITHOUT the psychobabble bullshit.

Released every Friday morning, you will find information about everything from how to deal with anxiety and depression, to relationships, addiction, and LIFE in general. I talk to you just like I do in my books: like a friend. Life is hard enough to handle; you don’t need complicated jargon screwing it all up for you.

Unlike many self help and mental health podcasts out there, the Hardcore Self Help Podcast is hosted by a REAL psychologist with actual experience and a graduate education with these topics. Have a question for the podcast? Get in touch here!

Recent Episodes

Episode 367: Preventing Age Discrimination and Promoting Longevity

Hello, listeners! I hope you're taking care of yourselves and finding moments of joy. In today's episode, we deep dive into a comprehensive question from one of our loyal...

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Episode 366: Explaining My Polyamorous Relationship & Supporting a Partner in Grief Over a Pet

Hello, everyone! I appreciate your attention and hope you are doing well. In our first segment, we dive into a topic that's close to my heart - the evolution...

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Episode 365: Getting Autism Diagnosis as an Adult & Living with Partner’s PTSD

Hello, all! I hope that you are staying healthy and safe. In this episode, I cover two very interesting questions. In the first, someone has been through almost every...

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Episode 364: PTSD with Psychosis & Body Dysmorphia Cured by Loss

Hello, friends! I hope you're treating yourselves well. In this episode, I dive into two compelling listener questions that touch on complex emotional states and mental health diagnoses. First...

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Episode 363: Treating a Phobia of Wasps & Adjusting to Moving in With a Partner

Hello, friends! I hope you are treating yourselves well. In this episode, we dive deep into two thought-provoking listener questions. Our first discussion revolves around a listener who's grappling...

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Episode 362: PMDD Treatment & Dealing with Scary Ex

Hello, everyone! I hope you are doing super well. As always, I really appreciate your attention. A special thank you to everyone that has left feedback for me about...

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