Episode 62: Self-Harm as Coping, Depression as an Excuse, Recurring Depression

Hello, friends. We are back to the Q&A this week. Thanks so much for your super awesome feedback on the last episode with my wife. If you’d like to hear more from her, let me know! At the start I ramble a little bit about the importance of advertising and allowing me to make a living so that I can continue to put all this work in for free. Here are the amazing questions that we go through in this episode:

  • Am I using my depression as an excuse? Should I be better by now?
  • Is it normal to feel like my depression keeps recurring?
  • What should I do about my self-harm when I feel like it’s a normal coping mechanism?

As always you can send me your questions to duffthepsych@gmail.com and hit me up on social @duffthepsych! 

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