Episode 87: Surviving Disasters

Hey, friends. I’m not sure if you saw the news, but southern California is on fire. I’m safe, but a lot of friends and acquaintances are not. I’m in this eerie spot where we are very close to the fires, but at very low risk, so “normal” life continues on. Decided to do an episode with some of my tips for getting through disasters like this including:

  • Understanding stress vs anxiety
  • Prepping to avoid freezing
  • Mental rehearsal
  • Importance of rest
  • Focusing on what you DO have control over
  • Mindfulness in disaster situations
  • Finding comfort in the small moments
  • Keeping routine where you can
  • Talking about event without re-traumatizing
  • Processing your feelings
  • Getting help
  • Managing social media consumption

Not sure what format next week’s episode will be, but please feel free to keep sending your questions over to duffthepsych@gmail.com and be sure to check out the info for my upcoming course at duffthepsych.com/course

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